Your customers are the heroes of your own story!

According to research, 75% of business buyers expect personalized offers from sellers. And 65% of business buyers won’t be afraid to start looking for other vendors if a company didn’t make a bid to personalize communications with their organization.

Whether you are in the B2B or B2C space, customer experience is key to success in the modern world. And, while B2C businesses have been quick to update their Customer Experience (CX) for great, B2B organizations have lagged — losing out on a great opportunity that can give them a competitive advantage.

But, a change is coming.

In a recent report, Accenture states that”90% of B2B executives cite CX as an essential element in achieving their organizations’ strategic priorities. That is up from 86% who felt like two years ago.”

However, it is not quite as straightforward as it sounds. Marketing B2B is distinct from marketing B2C. Even though you are selling a product to a person in both instances, the gap between the two markets is significant.

For example, when marketing to a client, you frequently appeal to their emotions. But, you can’t win business buyers only by appealing to their feelings, for that you need a proper strategy with the help of the Dallas SEO Agency. Most businesses work hard to streamline the buying process to save time and money and so, their purchase choices are based on logic.

In short, you need to focus on:

  • Usage of the product
  • Features of the product that may save money and time for your business
  • Proving the ROI of this purchase to the Small Business
  • Engagement with your company and brand

Adding a psychological appeal to a logical proposal will further refine your customer experience, as buyers tend to favor companies whose values align with their own.

But do you know your clients well enough to imbibe those worth on your pitch?

Therefore, along with lower costs, better value proposition, and ROI, you need to step back and understand what each target account is trying to get done and how your product would help them achieve it.

Sounds tough? It’s not should you follow these proven strategies to make an engaging experience for the clients.

1 — Concentrate on Personalized Support

In B2B, 68% of customers are lost due to indifference or perceived apathy, not due to mistakes. Another survey shows that 70 percent of clients feel customer support reflects just how much a company values them, so keeping your customers hold for extended is a reflection of your indifference towards them.

Live chat for a support tool reduces the response time significantly while enabling you to connect to your users in real-time. This permits you to speak with users at the precise moment they need help or guidance in their purchase journey. No surprise that a study from the American Marketing Association discovered that clients are 3X more likely to convert when they have used live chat. What’s more, the typical ROI when you use live chat can be as high as 305%.

The live chat tool is also integrated with co-browsing software, which may enable your business for seamless customer experience.

2 — Predict Your Clients’ Behavior and Gather Feedback

According to Aberdeen Group, businesses using predictive analytics generate 2X customer lifetime value, since they have all the necessary info to satisfy customer expectations. Such information can reveal the history of your buyers, and their wants and expectations, and which will be able to allow you to craft your conversations better.

On top of analyzing the passive behavior of your visitors, you can also use automatic tools on your site to actively gather opinions, which you can use to improve your B2B customer encounter.

Here are some ways in which you can collect feedback in your site:

  • Contact forms or online comment boxes
  • Live chat attribute
  • Online surveys
  • Exit polls when someone leaves your Internet Shop
  • Thank you surveys or feedback forms

3 — Look at Engagement Data and Automate Actions

Once a company signs a deal with you doesn’t mean you should quit monitoring their involvement with you. There are many reasons accounts or special people at the account might be downloading certain pieces of content.

For example, your customer could have hired someone new, who will become the owner of your technology. If you don’t make sure that your staff delivers a fantastic experience, you could be looking at losing the renewal come time for them to sign a new contract. Another example is another team might be looking at using your solution, giving you a great chance for account expansion.

That’s why you must look at how customers are engaging with your company and brand. This means everything from emails to content to webinars, and everything in between.

But it’s not enough to just examine the data — you need to be able to comprehend the motives behind the behavior. That’s where having a unified view of everything happening in that consideration comes into play. This means visibility into interactions across channels and people with time.

4 — Include the Appropriate CTA in Your Landing Pages

Did you know that nearly 70 percent of startups and little businesses lack appropriate CTAs on their sites?

If you are making the same mistake, then your buyers likely don’t know what to do with the info you are providing them, reducing your attempts to meaningless rubble!

On the other hand, a well-crafted CTA can induce your customers to perform specific actions on your sites, such as requesting more information, scheduling a free trial, or downloading a free report, leading to more engagement and better CX.

Simply adding a Call us’ button is not likely to do a lot for your industry. B2B buyers would rather try your solution first.

Instead, strive to provide value and results in progress by such as a ‘Free Trial’ button, before trying to close a purchase and boost your chances of conversion appreciably.

5 — Build Loyalty Programs

Loyalty is rewarded, is not it?

Nurturing customer loyalty is vital for B2B companies as it permits them to develop long-term relationships in addition to gaining access to a host of potential business opportunities.

Yes, a loyal client is your winner who can do much for your growth through glowing reviews, promising referrals, and spreading your brand’s message far and wide.

However, all clients are not driven by the same reward system. Because of this, it is important to analyze the purchasing habits of your most profitable accounts, as well as their business model, to create value-driven loyalty programs.

Some popular loyalty programs offer special rebates to returning or long-term customers. An example could be to have tiered incentives to prompt customers to buy more, right from the start. Another option is to run a referral program that provides your customers with more incentive for encouraging more customers. Recently referred customers also enjoy a bonus, which makes it a profitable situation for everyone. You can also drive participation by treating your faithful users to an exclusive trailer or early access to new application features, adding greater value to their experience whilst at the same time gaining feedback on the newly implemented features from the procedure.


Think about it, if you are faced with two good products, which would you choose?

With everything remaining equal, chances are you’d prefer to Deal with a business that is more eloquent and complies with your core values. As a bonus, research suggests that 66 percent of customers are willing to spend more money on top-notch customer service.

Thus, more than price and service or product quality, customer experience would soon be the biggest differentiator for businesses, even in the B2B space.

Are you up for the challenge?

ioVista Inc is certain that the approaches mentioned previously would help you better your CX considerably. Besides, if you’ve got some other ideas that helped you produce a top-notch CX for the buyers, we would like to hear you out from the comment section below.

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